Our Mission Statement

Our mission at MapleKey is to help integrate innovative technology into homeless shelters, and to provide safety, security, and privacy to any citzen in need. MapleKey gives each individual their own space, as well as the ability to feel safe and secure, which is crucial for improving quality of life, while contnuing to maximize the space and resources available.

Did You Know?

The Problem

Currently, 36% of homeless people report conflict and assault in shelters. Theft is also rampant and devasting. This is due to the communal aspect of traditional homeless shelters.

The Solution

By offering safety, security, and privacy through individual sleeping and bathroom units, MapleKey hopes to alleviate this problem by removing the communal aspect of traditional shelters.

Our Business Model

MapleKey's Non-Profit Campaign

By 2018

Donations from charities and non-profit organizations will be accepted to put our capsule beds directly into pre-existing shelters.

MapleKey's 1:1 Campaign

Similar to Tom's Shoes, MapleKey will generate revenue while achieving social good.

Buy 1

Donate 1

When our customers buy a bed, they also donate a bed to a local transitional shelter of their choice. This is the Social Enterprise aspect of MapleKey. It generates a healthy revenue, but not a profit. The business goals of the organization are achieved through this segment.

Capsule Bed Canadian Distribution Company

By 2020

Julia aims to be the Canadian Distributor for capsule beds, commercially. Becoming the Canadian Representative is the profit generating arm of the organization. Julia wants to push the limits of what a social enterprise can do, and bring an already booming industry to the Canadian Market.


MapleKey is seeking funding. Here are a few outlets we're reaching out to at the moment.

  • Ongoing start-up competitions
  • Velocity Fund 5K
  • Provincial Government - Innovative Solutions to Homelessness Fund
  • Provincial Government - Seed Grant
  • Third Party Donations
  • Third Party Investors
  • Rotary Kitchener-Waterloo

If you would like to donate to our organization, please contact us here.

About the Founder

Julia Hiscock

Julia Hiscock is a second year student at the University of Waterloo, studying psychology and pursuing specializations in human resources and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of MapleKey. MapleKey will provide alternative and additional accomodation for the transient community.