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The First Sleeping Cabin Distributor In Canada


About Us

Our Mission:

 Our organization challenges the fundamentally communal structure of shelters and low cost accommodation by providing safe, secure & private sleeping pods to the transient community. Because at MapleKey, we believe that everyone needs their own space.  

Our Technology

At MapleKey, we wanted to create an innovative solution to solve this problem, by developing onsite infrastructure to enable a positive sleeping environment. We do this with pods! Individual, self contained sleeping cabins that provide the ideal space for an undisturbed, peaceful sleep. Already used widely throughout Asia in places like airports & hospitals, MapleKey will be the first organization to bring this technology to Canada. 

About the Founder:

 Julia Hiscock is a second year student at the University of Waterloo, studying Psychology and pursuing specializations in entrepreneurship. 

A local to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, she has spent 5 years researching & and experiencing current issues with transient accommodation, and 2 years developing MapleKey  to create an innovative solution to solve this problem, by developing onsite infrastructure to enable a positive sleeping environment. 

Press Releases:

Social Impact Showcase announces Big Ideas Challenge winners

"The Big Ideas Challenge is a social venture competition, with winners  receiving GreenHouse Fellowships during the summer months. This year,  five social enterprises received Fellowships totalling $9,500..."

Making Sleep Secure

"As [Julia] began to examine this issue, she realized that homeless shelters offer warmth but deprive people of privacy, security and dignity..."

GreenHouse Social Impact Showcase highlights social innovators

University of Waterloo Entrepreneurs address issues like homelessness, racialization and gender disparity.

Helping the Homeless with MapleKey Pods

"With many homeless shelters lacking resources, more and more homeless  people find themselves on the streets. MapleKey is a University of  Waterloo social enterprise that is dedicated to creating a safe, secure,  and private sleeping environment for the homeless community."


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